Monday, November 24, 2008

Life is like Dim Sum.

Its been a long time coming since I’ve wanted to write about my experiences, design, and how the things around us shape the way we live. I know, I know…whats new? Thousands of books have been written on the above. But none by me. So the fact that I’m finally starting to write IS something new and hopefully, adds a different perspective to living life and my passion…design.

Thanks to a friend (you know who u are..c’mon… : ) , my writing adventure begins.

Like is a what?...Dim Sum? You’re freaking kidding me.

Yes. It is. And NO, you read what you’ve just read. An observation which I must have sub-conciously done and the conciousness dawned when my friend said, ‘lets have Dim Sum on a weekday moring before work!’, I admired the determination of that Gung Ho moment and then thought, ‘u’ve gotta be kidding me. We’ll see if u see this one through…haha. Pffft’.

The thought of waking up an hour early on a weekday seemed cruel. If 5 mins extra could do wonders, imagine an hour! But for a good breakfast, I guess I can sacrifice that extra hour. I hope the sacrifice was worth it.

It was.

I had a choice of not going, but I did. The waking get-your ass-outta bed moment is cruel. But certain things in life that seemed cruel, is actually beautiful. . And not all things in life that’s ugly, is actually bad. We just need to believe that it IS worth it. And always remember to believe.

Life is like Dim Sum. Some dim sum we see in the trolley doesnt look the least appetizing, and we usually go for the ones that look pretty and bright. I used to disregard the 'ugly' ones. But after years of dim sum sessions, the bright ones eventually got boring (although is a must have) and the ones that I’ve disregard before, now interest me more and are very tasty too.

Not all pretty things in life are good, and not all ugly things bad. Its only human that we fail to see it. But as we progress in life, we learn to look further and deeper. It’s the bitter experiences that eventually makes us stronger…and wiser. We have a choice, to always choose the pretty picture, the easy way and quickly reach a pleatau OR, take the risk and go for the odd looking dim sum and embark on an adventure.

Now isnt life like dim sum ?


NK the wOOfer said...

I feel you...

michsue said...

well said... =)

M-Tequila said...

dim sum is making me hungry la dai lou...